Firsa (roofshadow) wrote,


Saturday evening my husband and I went to see the Colorado Ballet's performance of Giselle. Both of us are nursing colds and the car won't currently start (it's a finicky not so little thing) but we wrapped up well and took the bus (surprisingly much more convenient).

Giselle in the first act reminded me of a dear friend from my college days. Giselle's sweet, exuberant personality was hers as well. She is a happily married mother now so thankfully Giselle's fate was in no way hers but watching Giselle cavort about on stage really brought her teenage self back.

The pas de deux between Albrecht and Giselle in the second act (before he tires) was so beautiful – haunting and romantic. The Wilis moving entirely in sync were amazing to see.

During the intermission I happened to overhear a man and woman discussing the ballet as she read the short synopsis in the program. They had been guessing about the plot and were surprised to find where they had guessed correctly and what they had missed. Suddenly the man asked, "Who was the guy in brown (Loys/Albrecht), other than a dick?"

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