Firsa (roofshadow) wrote,

A very merry Dear Loving Christmas, Part Two

After spending a unique Christmas Eve, it was time for Christmas Day proper. My mom, sister and I went to church in the morning as midnight mass after a Dear Loving concert seemed, well, not appropriate somehow. I'm also fairly certain none of us would have had the energy left to stay alert during the entire service. ^_^ After church we had the novel experience of shopping on Christmas Day for Christmas presents at Vivre. My mom decided that she really wanted fried chicken from KFC because it is the Christmas food over here. Of course, they were sold out by the time we got there. So, we headed home, dropped off our Christmas presents and headed out to the party/concert without much food in us.

The party begin with a traditional カンパイ. The members, in red with white "fur" trim ensembles, were on stage for this and then proceeded to lead us in party games. My mom at one point mentioned to me how much this was like the Christmas party/忘年会 at the Japanese Embassy. She was right. Of course the diplomats as a rule were nowhere near as cute or cool as Dear Loving, but the party format was really quite similar. First they told us they had ordered a pizza. (This made my family jealous as we were a bit hungry...) Then each member proceeded to draw a picture of the delivery person. Whoever's picture was the closest to the actual person would get a prize of some sort which I sadly no longer remember... or was it a batsu for the worst? They wrote down blood type and age with their pictures as well. None of the sketches were very impressive but I do recall Yuki's featured a scooter. When the young man came in to deliver the pizza they quizzed him on his blood type, age and mode of transportation. He answered good-naturedly enough although he seemed rather bemused by the whole thing. Perhaps if I remembered what happened to the loser or winner I'd remember who they were, but alas I do not.

After this we, the audience members, played janken to see who would win the signed pictures. It took me quite a while to figure out their large group version of janken. At last, after I just watched for a while, I realized what you were holding up had to beat what the band member in question was holding up. Neither I nor my sister (my mother just wasn't really into the whole thing ^_^) won anything all night, but we were able to look like we were participating. Which was actually a very good thing because the members kept glancing over at their little group of foreign fans as if they were afraid we might be missing out and I think seeing us play along reassured them.

Then they asked for audience suggestions as to what to draw next. It was decided that they would draw Gundam. After an interval of time passed, Kuro was still bent over his drawing. After waiting a bit, the other members called a time's up and showed their drawings which were amusing in their lack of artistic sense. Kuro's of course was fantastic, especially given the time frame he was working in. Once again the signed drawings were given to winning fans. Then a game begin where I do remember who lost and exactly what the batsu game was! They brought out soda popsicles and raced to see who could eat their's the quickest. (By the by, who here loves soda popsicles, when it's not freezing outside I mean? They're the greatest!) All the members were gulping their's down and reeling with brain freeze, except for Masa who appeared to just be enjoying a popsicle. Not too surprisingly Masa was the last to finish and thus got the batsu game. Clad as he was, he had to go out and buy some food item for the other band members. They gave him requests, but I'm not sure he followed them all. From his tale upon returning, it seems he ran into a man dressed as a reindeer (I think I saw him later too, ah, Christmas) and bought canned drinks from a vending machine in the nearby train station.

After the fun with popsicles, it was time for fun with marshmallows. Everyone had to place a bet on who could catch the most marshmallows in his mouth after twirling around with his head down on a shortened microphone stand. Did I forget to mention that they'd been drinking a lot by this time, of the champagne they'd been handing out the night before, straight out of the bottle? I think they started with twirling around eight times and then attempting to catch marshmallows thrown at them by another member from across the stage. Yuki did quite well but Takuya and Masa held their own. Here I feel I must pause and explain a little bit about Hirakata BLOW DOWN, the live house this was being held in. It's Hirakata's only major live house and has hosted some pretty cool acts over the years, despite being tucked away on the seventh floor of a building that slowly has become devoted entirely to sex shops. It's pretty small and has a nice casual feel to it and the stage is about a foot off the ground, if that. So you don't feel really separated from the band which is nice. Anyhow, keep this in mind while reading what I will write next. Kuro, cute lil' Kuro, seemed to be attempting to keep up with the alcohol consumption of his band mates who boast a little more body mass than he. He valiantly finished the twirling about, although he narrowly missed landing in a pile on the floor. However still reeling much more than his fellows when he attempted to catch his very first marshmallow -- he tumbled backward off stage left and I do truly mean off stage left. He was fine, perhaps a little shaken, but quite amused nonetheless; as were the other members once they had assured themselves that their little mascot was truly alright.

Once the remaining contestants progressed to twirling around ten times Yuki was clearly in the lead and those that had bet on him had yet another chance to janken themselves a prize. This time it was photos taken of the band that very same day. After that the time honored game of bingo begin with more photographs as prizes. Kuro was back on stage to call out numbers with the rest of the band, looking none the worse for wear.

At the end of the party they played a short set. All of their songs were put into a hat and they drew a few, one at a time, and played them -- allowing us to hear some songs which they don't normally perform anymore. They played one encore with a few more selected songs and after quite a long wait came back for the second encore merely to wish us happy holidays and a safe journey home. We took the hint. ^_~

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